Looking For A Speaker?

All my programs are interactive and most are adaptable to 45/60/90 minute formats. To inquire about booking a program, please contact me <jerilyn@jerilynwllin.com>

Topics include: (scroll down for details)

  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Navigating Life’s Curves and Corners
  • Difficult Conversations: From a Pounding Heart to an Open Mind
  • Eyes On the Prize: 5 Steps to Get Where You Want to Be
  • How to Make A Presentation Without Passing Out
  • Surrounded by Santa: Take Back Your Holidays (mid-October thru mid-December)

Programs for Specifically for Writers:

  • The Stories Inside You: Develop a Manuscript Idea in 45 minutes or Less
  • Eyes on the Prize: Adapted for Writers

butterfly copyCh-Ch-Ch-Changes: Navigating Life’s Curves and Corners                 

Change comes at us in every stage of life: school, career, marriage/divorce, dealing with elderly parents,  and health. Coping with life transition can be draining– even when the change is happily anticipated. Help yourself and others through the rough patches at work, at home, in life. Discover:

  • What happens after a change takes place
  • How change be less painful, less confusing
  • Techniques to deal more effectively with change and its effects.

stickmenfighting copyDifficult Conversations:  From a Pounding Heart to an Open Mind

We all have them; we all dread them; conversations that make your mouth dry and your hands sweaty. Whether with our boss, teenagers, partners or aging parents, these conversations deal with critical life issues. Make these “must have” conversations easier, more effective and less stressful. Learn:

  • How to avoid the two biggest traps in difficult conversations.
  • What happens “behind the scenes” during these conversations.
  • New tools and techniques to be more effective in your next difficult conversation.

goalguy copyEyes On The Prize: Five Steps to Get Where You Want to Be                  
Setting goals is easy. Achieving them is another matter. Goals need tending, and that’s where many fall short. Learn five easy steps to tend your goals:  make it real, make it SMART, pay attention every day, take small steps, and know it when you see it.  You will:

  • Define what success looks like for you
  • Shape that vision into SMART goals
  • Identify obstacles (i.e. are you getting in your own way?)
  • Create a path of small steps to achievement

redguy copyHow to Make a Presentation Without Passing Out                         

Public speaking is the #1 fear of adults, yet we are asked to do it all the time: proposals to clients, reports to committees, readings, toasts, introducing ourselves at networking events, and formal presentations.  Does it ever get easier? Yes it can! Laugh as you learn:

  • Physical and mental techniques to turn nerves into positive energy.
  • How to keep audiences engaged.
  • Tools to help you think on your feet and confidently handle audience questio

Santa used in flier Surrounded by Santas:  Take Back Your Holidays and Create Less Stress and More Meaning   (90 minute format only.  Offered Nov. 1 – Dec 19)    
“Holiday creep” happens earlier and earlier each year. With it comes the pressure to create a Normal Rockwell meets Martha Stewart holiday. This non-religious program helps participants recognize “tradition traps” and reclaim their holidays from the media and retail frenzy.  Participants will:

  • Explore what is meaningful in their celebrations vs. the expectations of advertisers and merchants.
  • Examine and dismiss “shoulds” that may be self-imposed and stressful.
  • Develop strategies to bring more meaning to the holidays by creating new traditions.

         th-8For Writers and Aspiring Writers

The Stories Inside You: Develop a Manuscript Idea in 45 Minutes or Less         

Adapted from exercises experienced at the prestigious Iowa Writer’s Festival and enhanced with the work using Deep, Deeper, Deeper Still, this workshop ignites the creative embers of writers who believe they must “wait until a story comes” before they can begin writing. Participants will:

  • Learn a quick, easy technique to defeat writer’s block and tap into their creativity
  • Practice a technique to track and capture manuscript ideas
  • Develop a new scene with 5-10 possibilities for expansion
  • Experience (and survive!) reading their work aloud in rough, first draft form
  • Receive positive feedback from other writers

2 thoughts on “Looking For A Speaker?

  1. jtailele

    Our writers’ group would love to have you do a workshop on “the Storeis Inside You” but I don’t know if you travel. We are a small group and can not pay for your travel expenses. But Marco Island, FL is a beautiful place to visit and I can offer you a room in my home. We are looking for 2014 speakers.
    Joanne Tailele, chairman
    Marco Island Writers

    1. Jerilyn Willin: Speaker, Writer, Coach Post author

      Joanne–would love to come to Marco Island, however my budget isn’t in a place to foot the travel expenses. However, I do travel for my “mortgage paying” job. If I am coming to FL for a client, I will for sure contact you and see if something can be worked out.


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